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Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / amal 5-116-s
« Last post by saluki42 on Today at 10:19 »
Hi I have a specialist engineering firm trying to renovate / repair the 5-116-s up draft carburetor for my 34 Model Z and they have hit a problem. Two of the components they have need slight modification and they have no dimensions to work with. The two in question are the "needle jet holder" and the "Jet needle" itself. The company Exeter Engineering have come up with two solutions to get over this problem, firstly has anybody out there got any spares of these parts which they could accurately measure for us to give us a guide to the machining needed and secondly and I realise that this is very cheeky of me has anybody got any spare parts they could lend us so that they can be used as a pattern for the machining of my parts.
If somebody can lend me the parts I am prepared to leave a deposit with them for the safe return of these parts.

I know both options are a long shot but its either that or trial and error with machining which could be expensive.

Hi Folks,

for my T6 / S 6  i need  a Oilfillercap and a Petrolcap.
best regards, Josef
This has got to be the slowest potential sale ever!

Advert posted in Sep 2018
Request in Jan 2020
Reply in Aug 2021
I am sorry dear  yoshimasa, for me it is not possibel to ship the silencer from germany  to Japan.
The Shipping would be cost about 60 Euros or maybe  much more!

Best regards Josef
Douglas Motorcycles and Parts Wanted - Private / BTH PANCAKE Generator
« Last post by Jobu on Yesterday at 20:27 »
 Hi all!
Which bearings are installed in the BTH Pancake Generator and where you get them?
best regards Josef
Bought a set for my CW. I did have them nickel plated but not polished prior to fitting.
Hi I have been looking at sprockets today try these guys they seem to have alot of Douglas stuff Ta Daren
       Re, the leaking carb - check out the float chamber. There is a guide hole in the bottom for the float needle - it sometimes gets blocked with sediment which pushes the needle to one side, thus causing that carb to flood.

Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: ew350 flywheel extractor
« Last post by Neilj on Yesterday at 05:38 »
Thanks itís the ring on the flywheel side the one the balls rub up against is the one I need the width please.thanks Neil
Hi Neil I get 190 thou but its pretty crusty also it will depend on your taper and how many times its been lapped ta Daren
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