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In case someone is interested, this E-bay auction is a little more than a day away from ending on the German E-bay site:
Hi Yoshimasa,

yes, it is right. Thatīs a 1930 frame for L3/H3.
I find your bike in the Douglas club register; seems so it had a UK registration?
There are several bikes with EN .... stamped engines in the register.

Your bike looked a bit oldfashened, because it has the engine without dynamo.

I notice it is fitted with a Bowden steering damper.
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: S.L. Bailey
« Last post by Hutch on Yesterday at 05:41 »
What are the chances of finding a copy of the telegram from Alcock to Bailey sent from Clifden if such a thing existed? Close to zero I would have thought. This find seems almost too good to be true.....but I guess stranger things have happened.....?



Hi not mine, if you want a complete EW to restore ! it even has the correct headlight Regards Daren.
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: DT/SW5 Engines
« Last post by Buzzie on 16 Feb 2019 at 09:37  »
Things are starting to happen again! The parcel which I had to pay duty on ealier in the week turned out to be the pistons from Canada. These are a well used pair of pent top pistons without rings which I will put to one side ready to either act as spares for Engine #1, or as an option to go in Engine #2 when it is eventually built.

I attach a couple of pics of the pistons that have just arrived, and one of the other spare pistons I have, which is similar to the ones fitted in Engine #1. It is clear that they are different patterns. The latest arrivals are more "Chiseled" in appearance, whereas the others have a more curved pocket to accomodate the valves as they open. That they are different isnt surprising. There are mentions of all sorts of different compression ratios for DT5 and SW5 engines in contemporary documents.

The other piece of news is that when the postie brought the pistons, he also left a card asking me to pay some duty on another parcel, hopefully that will be the hardware! I managed to intercept the postman later on his round, and the parcel is ready for collection in their depot in Swadlincote. So all being well I'll have the bits later today :-)
Identifying Douglas Motorcycles / Re: Model?
« Last post by graeme on 16 Feb 2019 at 00:43  »
Well, that is a real puzzle! Definitely not Douglas forks, and the engine looks to have been reversed! With the German registration I wonder if it is actually a Douglas at all?
Hello Roger
I am interesting buy them to my 90+. Would you send e-mail.
Regards veikko1
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Dragonfly Crankshaft Rebuild
« Last post by Bynorthsea on 15 Feb 2019 at 17:58  »
Hoped to avoid this but the rattle is not going to go away so a rebuild is required. Any advice please as to where is the best place to get this done?
A pair of Plus rocker covers for sale. Note that these are much deeper than the Mark covers (which the LDMCC can supply), and which will not fit over the rockers on your Plus cylinder heads! The club do not supply Plus rocker covers.
The Plus covers which are for sale are heavily scratched and pitted, but will clean up. Ģ30 the pair.
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