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Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: Douglas Aero 1937
« Last post by Eric S on Today at 19:23 »
I measured the balls with a micrometer (in inches)
I come with a stuborn measure right between .2505" and .2510". Not wandering between those 2, just pointing all the time at the exact same spot, around .2508".
So I would say they have been replaced not so long ago.

From there I will check with my man after laser welding and see if the conrods need any lapping...
Woolies-trim and a host of other places sell the stuff, also known as wing piping. You can even get it in different colours. I might get some in old English white to (more or less) match the stone paint on my Dragonfly. It is cheap enough and is sold by the metre.
It will be great to do pdf from this book before sale .
Kindly request :-)
Best regards Artur
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: Douglas Aero 1937
« Last post by cardan on Today at 11:04 »
Yell if you need oversize rollers - I have some; not all sizes but I can look.

Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: Douglas Aero 1937
« Last post by Eric S on Today at 09:32 »
the bearing cages I have are the same Doug showned on the picture on post #191/page 4 here. And they have well 10 windows each, holding a pair of rolls for 20 total per bearing.

The crank pin race (I called sleeve earlier) on the picture is oily and dirty. It is in good condition even if one can see the balls' paths with a different shade on the surface. Surface is smooth and flat.

I was concerned as the bearings assemblies were different. One fell apart and the other one kept the rolls in when removed (probably barely). I thought that one was done and should be replaced as an assembly. Now I understand that we can replace just the rolls. I will check and measure them with a micrometer and/or will source some new replacements.

Doug talked about conrod needing maybe lapping and then a new crank pin race. I did not planned that but will check with the machinist here.

Woolies have a big range of rubber sections - they do lots of car trim stuff.  Can't remember if they're at Market Drayton?
Daren, I checked the dimensions on the drawing and the clearance on my bike, and it would not fit.  However I went ahead and made something similar and it works nicely.  The engine and front of the bike stays cleaner, and I believe the chain will stay cleaner too.  It's hard to take a picture of it, but attached is a photo of the guard in place.

Thanks all for the help.
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: DOUGLAS DRAGONFLY
« Last post by andy1303 on Yesterday at 18:51 »
Classic car (e.g. VW beetle) wing beading?
Douglas Motorcycles and Parts For Sale - Private / DRAGONFLY
« Last post by on Yesterday at 17:58 »
Frame, Front Mudguard, Tank, Toolbox & Rear Wheel. Frame is missing swing arm but good/solid usable condition. Frame number is 1798/6 and original number plate was TYP 75, but I have no supporting paperwork - sorry! 100. Front Mudguard is original Douglas and in excellent condition - very rare to get these now - 100. Tank is in poor condition and will need a lining and small hole near filler cap that will need welding - 75. Toolbox poor condition but repairable 50. Rear Wheel poor condition, probably need new rim/spokes but again useable - 40. Open to offers. Items located in Cardiff can deliver locally
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / DOUGLAS DRAGONFLY
« Last post by on Yesterday at 17:54 »
Does anybody know where to source a suitable rubber strip to fit between the tank and nacelle on a Dragonfly?

Thanks in advance

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