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What a collection of bikes - no wonder the sale takes place over several days.

The Douglases (quite a few more than four) are OK, if (along with all the Swedish bikes) a little lost, and some of the other bikes are fabulous - like the one-off Velocette roarer.

I wonder how many people can spot the numerous fakes? Some are declared as such, others have descriptions which hint at their not-altogether-as-expected origins, but some appear to be very far from how they are described.

The "1930 Rudge TT Racer" is the usual hotted-up "Special", not even based on the sports "Ulster", but I wonder what the experts think of the 90 Plus Douglas? ? Looks like a much better prospect than the Rudge?



The Rowe Special
Thanks for posting some very interesting information on the Stromboli, Buzzie and KN Douglas engined 500cc racing cars. On the 500cc Owners Club website there was reference to the Australian Rowe and Warburton Specials and that triggered a memory that I had seen something about these in some old Australian Motor Sport Magazines that I have mouldering away in some storage boxes. I dug them out and had a look and came up with these articles. Unfortunately I don't have a full set of these magazines, but will see if I can find some more information.

Coincidentally I used to be a member of the 500 Car Club of Tasmania in the late 1980's. By then 500 cc  car racing had died out and the main focus of the club was car rallying. The club still exists and has had a long and active life since its inception on 5th October 1955.


Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: DT/SW5 Engines
« Last post by Buzzie on 04 Jan 2019 at 20:23  »
I posted an article here on Douglas engines and 500 cc racing in the racing section of the forum, which I hope might be of interest.
There are at least 4 Douglas bikes going to auction in Las Vegas USA at the end of January.
All early models.
Iíve never seen that many together in the USA
Members' Gallery / Re: Douglas frame numbers
« Last post by Oldbiker on 04 Jan 2019 at 15:07  »
           That is the same font as mine but definitely stamped on the opposite side. The number stamped under the frame is also in that font using larger digits.

           Perhaps the man who stamped the frame just got it on the wrong side!

Stromboli at the Douglas Cavalcade
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: DT/SW5 Engines
« Last post by Doug on 04 Jan 2019 at 14:56  »

The only other horsepower figures I have seen are those cited in "The Best Twin". In there, Jeff Clew gives the standard 500DT  engine as 27hp but for an additional ten quid the factory could supply an engine assembled by Rex Judd and Freddie Dixon that produced 32hp. The "Red Devil" models, tuned by Bert Dixon, were cited as producing 34.5hp.

The small drilled hole between the spark plug and the combustion chamber is an anti-oiling feature. It was expected back in the day to have a lot of oil passing the rings so that was their means of keeping the plug dry. They seem to work fine, but you have to factor them in to the ignition timing. Most have been drilled out by now, and you need to retard the timing as the main charge lights faster with direct access to the spark. My road going '34 ohv still has them, and it seems happy with about 38 degrees advance.

Obviously due to the timing disparity, you cannot mix and match cylinder heads with and without the anti-fouling pocket!

Buzzie being rebuilt
Buzzie at Shelsey Walsh in 1947
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