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Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / M32 Oil Pump Drive Dog
« Last post by Hamwic on 09 Nov 2021 at 12:52  »
Hi all, another M32 tale, and a question if I may?

After replacing the oil spray bar on the M32, we set off down the road again, and apparently all was well. Well, for at least the first 5 miles, but then a gradual tightening of the engine became apparent. The oil regulator was well open, and all the oil was being delivered, but it felt like either piston(s) or big end(s) were going to pick up. A roadside pause to consider my options. The bike restarted but soon warned me that all was not well, with a pronounced clattering, so a push home was called for. By the time I was home, the engine was cool, and turned freely again, but the clattering was audible valve gear perhaps?

A look inside revealed that the timing gear support plate was loose, allowing the valve clearances to vary from negative to positive hence the apparent clatter. There being plenty of oil where required within the cases, this plate was re-secured and a couple of clamping problems addressed. With the clearances reset and the cover put back on, the engine span freely and fired up readily. Off we went again. Within a few hundred yards the tightening again made itself felt, so we crept home again.

With the engine out and the front cylinder off, it was apparent that all was not well with the front big end, it feeling a bit stiff to turn, and the rear likewise. However, when taking off the timing chest cover, the rods dropped down freely. No signs of seizure in the bores.

It transpires that the oil pump driving dog locking screw had gently unwound itself, and was pushing the timing gear plate about. The driving dog had also unwound itself, and was bearing heavily on the pump drive gear worm in the timing cover. This had squeezed the flimsy crank endwise such that it had nipped the big ends between the crank webs. Once the dog was put back from whence it came, and the screw re-tightened, normal clearances are restored.

Perhaps a left-hand thread would have been a better idea for the drive dog, rather than the hard-to-reach and apparently ineffective locking screw?

Im not overly confident that the drive dog will properly stay put, although the thread engagement is very stiff, and the screw has gone further home this time. Is Loctite required perhaps, and if so, which grade? Any other suggestions as to how to secure this dog?

Cheers for now
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: S6 paint layout/shape
« Last post by graeme on 09 Nov 2021 at 10:40  »
Are they not T6 forks Jonathan?
I've now managed to get the 1914 2 3/4 HP stationary engine running for the first time today and it can be seen on []

We had a lot of difficulty in getting it fired up until we heavily flooded it when it went without any trouble at all.

The engine appears to be very similar to a 1912 model G (particularly LE 1848) including the inlet manifold and carburettor apart from the latter apart  having rotary valves for the choke and throttle instead of  being vertically operated by Bowden cables on the model G. The lower part of the crankcase has a longitudinal semicircular groove which appears to have been half of the clamp to a tubular part of the frame but, in this instance is, clamped to a casting which enables it to be used as a stationary engine.

I'd very much like to hear from any owners of similar engines to learn basic details such as valve clearances, grade of oil and recommended starting procedure.
I am searching for a complete 2 speed gearbox for me nice Douglas from ~1924. At the moment is build in a 3 speed gearbox, what is not correct for belt driving.
If you have one 2 speed gearbox to sell, please send me an private mail.
Best regards
Thanks again Eddie, your help is much appreciated.

Special Events / The 8th Australian National Douglas Rally 2022
« Last post by Jonathan on 06 Nov 2021 at 09:56  »
After a few false starts because of Covid, we have finally confirmed a date for The 8th National Douglas Rally.
20th to 24th March 2022 in Colac, Victoria. Australia.

Please see attached PDF for further information.
Hope to see you there.
Jonathan Hepner
Rally Secretary
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / TS engine work
« Last post by SunbeamS7 on 05 Nov 2021 at 20:46  »
G''day fellow Australian Douglas owners,
I need to get some engine/cylinder work done on several TS engines (boring/valve seats, etc) and just wondered if anyone can recommend a service/someone who can provide such. Am happy to work with a service outside of Sydney area/NSW. I have tried several services listed in older forum posts, however it appears they have since retired (well deserved, no doubt).
Hi All, I have decided to sell my 1915 WWI dispatch riders bike. Douglas 2 3/4, up and running but needs a little fettling. PM me if you are interested.

Regards Martin
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: Dragonfly Igntion Timing
« Last post by umiq88 on 05 Nov 2021 at 14:27  »
Thanks Eddie, have you a manual or more detailed description how to set timing?

Are their static timing marks somewhere?
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: S6 steering damper question
« Last post by eddie on 05 Nov 2021 at 14:11  »
Hello Jonathan,
                       Attached is a drawing of the steering damper knob. Mine has a diamond knurl of about .050" pitch.  Both the steel and rubber washers are the same size - 1.390" bore x 1.935" O.D. x .250" thick.

  Hope this helps,
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