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Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / 2 3/4 Crankshaft end float
« Last post by wobblyrider on 14 Sep 2023 at 11:49  »
I am about to reassemble my 1913 2 3/4 motor after a conrod big end bolt failure.  I'm putting new bearings in the crankcase as well as big end etc. Can someone please advise the specification and adjustment for the end float of the crankshaft?
Thanks in advance.
Good spot on the racing number Eddie - I'd missed that.

The problem with these shonk things ("bikes" is too good a word) is that they are sometimes bought by people who honestly don't know what they are looking at, and don't manage to find out before they close the deal. In the past I've been contacted by people who have done just this, and it's sad to have to break the news...

Insurance companies usually only want a number "replacement value". Here's a comparable bike from a reputable dealer ; presumably you can pick a number more or less than that asking price and claim that to be "replacement value".

Leon, Feel sorry for him - he'll need a lot of sympathy if he slides forward onto that gear lever!

  And feel even more sorry for any idiot who parts with that amount of money for a heap of junk! At  least it's carrying an appropriate number!

Hi does anyone know who I need to contact to get my vehicle value for insurance purposes. Thanks Chris
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: busted clutch bearing
« Last post by Ken Rogers on 05 Sep 2023 at 11:56  »
Hi I replaced mine with an oilite washer which I bought from
A brighter view, with detail of the steam-punk kick starter.
Came across this interesting advert:

"Post War Privateer, Country boys bike, early 1930s convert, sold as is. $A8,750"

I can't spot a single DT part, but the engine is presumably Douglas. With detachable heads it looks very 1930s - is it a motorcycle engine, or industrial?

I'm not sure whether to be angry or amused by rubbish like this.


Certainly is....please contact me via the message system so we can discuss....Ta Alan
Hi Alan,
I'm interested in the modified clutch plate (if its still available).
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