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Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / S5 Axle & Bearings
« Last post by S5 Resto on 08 Jan 2019 at 10:56  »
Hi Everyone,

Looking for some help to bring an S5 from a box of parts back to a restored bike

So far a very generous gent Harold has pieced the bike together and all the parts are there, next step is to get the wheels fitted properly

The axles are both bent, thread stripped and bearings shot. Unfortunately the local bearing supplier in Perth Australia canít match the bearing outside diameter with anything that fits and if we custom make and switch to metric the only suitable bearings will increase the axle width by 2mm.

Can anybody please help with a supplier or a contract that may have New old stock axles, spacers and bearings or failing that someone who can supply a bearing that fits and Iíll make new axles

Unfortunately Australia is somewhat limited so happy to buy from anywhere and any help would be appreciated
I started with a clearer head this morning.
It could be that the switch could be in any orientation because it rotates in the headlamp shell.
But a logical orientation could be :-
The moulded OFF position towards the LEFT of the bike looking forwards.
The moulded terminal number 8 corresponding to the moulded off position.
Does this sound correct?
Many thanks.
ps the switch and the bike needs to be completely re-wired, which is why I want to cross check the wiring at every stage.
Funny how coincidental events happen :-). There is information on the Low(e)-Lane special posted here 2/1/2019;

It appears that the first Douglas powered "500" in Australia was the Chatterton - Warburton Special

I wonder if the picture of the Low-Lane Car is at White's Hill, Queensland?

Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: S.L. Bailey
« Last post by Hutch on 08 Jan 2019 at 01:22  »
From the video of the 1923 TT win, there appears to be some poignancy in Les putting his hat across his chest rather that waving it in the air triumphantly for Tom Sheard, possibly because the day before (Thursday 14th June 1923) was the funeral of William Wilson Douglas? (reported in the Western Daily Press, Bristol 11 June 1923). He had passed away on Sunday 10th June 1923.

This, along with the death of Veasey on a Douglas during the senior TT, would definitely have put a damper on what otherwise would have been a huge celebration after all the efforts in getting the Douglas Factory Team ready for the TT (this information being presented by Clew in The Best Twin).

Unfortunately more bad news was to come. The following day, Saturday 17th June 1923, Miss Helen Douglas, daughter of John Douglas was tragically run over  by a taxi cab while crossing a road at Weston Super Mare on the first day of a holiday and died later in hospital Ė this was reported in the Western Daily Press on Sunday 17th June 1923.

This must have been an incredibly upsetting time for the Douglas family having a double bereavement in such a short space of time. Helenís funeral was on Friday 22nd June 1923 with many shocked mourners in attendance including S.L. Bailey. Maybe no wonder we donít see much of what Les was doing after this time - until he leaves for Australia - given the extremely sad occasion(s) and given he would have been busy with new models, Olympia Show (in October) and maybe also managing the  transition for Pullin to take over his role at Douglas?

Looks like things get a bit complicated!!. Scroll down to see Rob Saward's (austmcreg) and others comments on this forum from post #255;

Does anyone have copies of the articles referred to in these posts that are not shown above? Pity that the pictures that used to be attached to the posts do not appear to be there anymore (I looked at this site a few years ago looking for information on the Penguin Hill climb in Tasmania). These posts also seem to indicate that at least one of these cars may still exist???


By mid 1948 the Warburton car (is this the same car as the Douglas powered Chatterton - Warburton Special?) appears to be Matchless powered. looks like a bit of foxing was going on in the handicap races of the times - nothing changes!
Very interesting article on the Chatterton - Warburton Special Leon. Here is a newspaper article in the Telegraph (Brisbane) on 13th June 1947 and seems to indicate that the chassis Chatterton built for Warburton was to have a Velocette MSS engine and that the engine for his own 500 was to be Norton.


Here's another Douglas-engined Australian 500, this time with the motor (said to be "I.O.M." rather than DT) in the rear.

Hi try these guys they have more than what is displayed on their web email them Daren
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: 1931 t6 carb
« Last post by yosemite on 07 Jan 2019 at 17:27  »
could be that the float is leaking, and no longer floating at the height required to stop flow before the carb leaks, to check strip carb  and shake float, you may hear the fuel sloshing about orimmerse float in hot water, if it bubbles then the float has a pin hole
If the float has a pin hole you may be able to seal it with solder (after you dry it out )
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