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Sorry - no parts for plus series
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: Panniers etc
« Last post by Roys rider on 25 Jan 2021 at 22:00  »
Yes that does say Douglas and there are a pair. Trouble is that after 60 odd years the finish doesn't go with new paintwork, so I could be tempted to sell them.

Thanks Eddie
Is that front wheel lacing a hazard?
Many years ago my father bought a complete Dfly from club spares by ordering every part number. I assume he had hub and rim put together, however neither he nor the spares boss at the time would have known they were not really compatible.
Sorry to pinch your message Kevin.
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: Colours
« Last post by EW-Ron on 25 Jan 2021 at 21:30  »
So somewhere about these shades - note plural ?


I like asking, if you have any plus-model parts. I looking one rocker blocks and pair rockers.

Regards veikko1
Good evening all, should you need to know what info is in the 1938 print I do have a copy . please ask and I will share. 
Absolutely agree Doug.
  This totally clarifies the changes to the model that you highlighted in the Aero Heavyweights 36/38 article in the Douglas club magazine this month and also answers the questions.
Frame part number C/17875 would have had the AE prefix and ran from AE 101 through to AE 1101, shared with three engine types for 1936
Frame part number C/18565 would have had the 6/P prefix and ran from 6/P 101, unknown end but approx 6/P 950? Only one engine type for 1937.

Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: Four speed Aero gearbox
« Last post by FN on 25 Jan 2021 at 18:59  »
The kickstart lever spring unloaded violently during opening. I did not want to get that effect during loading. I removed the bolt, which holds the spring. The shown piece of wood was used as a lever and turned around with pressure to the kickstart quadrant. Reaching the hole in the kickstart cover, the bolt was pressed in the cover. The loaded cover was mounted on the gearbox,  the small tool got screwed to the bolt for reaching the hole and screwing the bolt down. The same procedure can also be used during opening the kickstart cover. One drawback is, I did not set on the small buffer (I feared for my fingers). But that is also possible by using a dummy screw with mounted buffer. The small buffer is less necessary because the lever becomes friction damped during return swing. The large buffer is really necessary. A big dent is present in my cover (no buffer was mounted).
The ratchet in the cover has many actions. The nut on the outside determines the distance between the ratchet rings. Larger gap gives less action angle for the kickstarter. It was screwed fully home, when I dismantled the gearbox.
Don't loose your teeth

Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: Four speed Aero gearbox
« Last post by FN on 25 Jan 2021 at 18:23  »
the code 6Q/202 is stamped onto the gearbox. It is not corresponding with the engine or frame number.
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: Panniers etc
« Last post by eddie on 25 Jan 2021 at 18:09  »
I have never used pannier bags on my 'Fly - I just use the frame as a rack. When the original frames were made (mid '50's), the most common bags were made of canvass with straps for attachment. The frames have 3 loops each side to keep the bags in place (they are inboard of the tubes, so can't be seen from the side).

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