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Update to Identification of Douglas Models
« on: 22 Oct 2006 at 03:11 »
The tables for Identification of Douglas Models have recently been updated in light of additional information received, and insights noted while constructing the related Quick Timeline of Douglas Models. Significant alterations in particular have been made to Part 2: 1920s and 1930s to add new information and fix a few embarrassing mistakes that came to light with ongoing research. To a lesser extent, more detail has been added to Part 1: 1907-26 Models 2-3/4hp, 3-1/2, and 4hp. But as before, information on the early models remains scanty and hard to come by. But I hope what is there has been enhanced by some information gleaned from a few early catalogs and the descriptions expanded to mention additional identifying features. Some minor corrections to Part 3: The Postwar Models have been made, so if you have an older copy of this, you may wish to update it.

All three ‘Parts’ posted have a version number just below the title.  Comparing this to any copies you have will tell you if you have the most up to date information available. As always, any comments, suggestions, and additional information are very much welcome. Any early catalog excluding 1911 and 1913 which I have copies of, would be a welcome source. Changes during 1917-1920 are still not well documented in my opinion, probably because there were physically few alterations. Also a catalog of 1933, if such existed, would shed light on which models were continued during what must have been penurious times. Please communicate via email or Private Message (See hyperlinks to the left) if you have any such information. I am always looking to expand and improve the tables, and I think a lot of folk have found them a useful source of information.

Also see the growing list of entries in Photo Guide to Douglas Motorcycles by Model. Additional entries are alway welcome.