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Single Band Expandinging Brake
« on: 25 Nov 2023 at 01:29 »
I have been sorting through a collection of brake parts and have found three different backing plates. All the same except for different depth bosses in the centre. Ranging from approximately 17.5 mm to 26.5 mm. Also one of the backing plates has a slight taper towards the centre on the the external face. The rest are flat.

The brake bands and drums I have are all the same.

If possible can someone tell me which model suit which backing plates and if the drums and bands changed width to suit the increase in boss depth.

My guess is the shallowest boss is for bikes similar to an EW 350 and the deeper boss is for heavier machines.



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Re: Single Band Expandinging Brake
« Reply #1 on: 30 Nov 2023 at 22:49 »
Interesting question.
Somewhat baulked by Douglas's not marking or numbering the plates in any manner whatsover.

This is the inner on my 1927 EW350
Equivalent to the plainest of your bunch.
Note that this project initially came to me without wheels, so this may not necessarily be correct. ?

I have an EW600 back wheel - will access and photo it shortly.