Author Topic: 630cc standing engine, circa 1948  (Read 371 times)

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630cc standing engine, circa 1948
« on: 28 Oct 2023 at 15:11 »
I inherited a 630cc Douglas standing engine from my Dad and before that it was my Grandfatherís. It was used for many years by both of them to run a very large circular saw as both houses had wood burning fires. My Grandfather bought it off a local farmer on the Isle of Wight many years ago where it had been used to drive a hay lift.

I spoke to Eric Brockway many years ago and based upon the serial number 63/1585 told me that it was a 630cc engine made at the Douglas, Kingswood, Bristol factory just prior to when he joined the company in 1949 and he was delighted to have found it as he had been tracking the serial numbers of engines and where they were.  I had it running a number of years ago but was warned that the piston rings might become brittle so I stopped running it and have dry stored it in my garage ever since.

As you can see from the attached photos I donít have the original petrol tank or silencer, but I do have the flywheel and engine cowling and the original starting handle and Operating/Maintenance Handbook.

I am asking £125 for the engine and documentation. Please feel free to contact me to ask any questions you might have by replying to this post.