Author Topic: Parts wanted for an Endeavour project  (Read 232 times)

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Parts wanted for an Endeavour project
« on: 08 Jun 2023 at 02:43 »
I am picking up an Endeavour project and there are a few parts that I know are missing.

First is an intake manifold (and carb). This is unique to a Endeavour, so my odds of finding one are slim. However i can probably alter a 500/600 Aero manifold. Especially if the carburetor attachment is messed up, as that is the part I would have to alter anyway.

Second is the oil pump and drive worm. This would be the same as the Blue Chief, not that that helps much... It may be the same as the Wessex/Powerflow/Z/Z1 models. It is the duplex gear pump that Douglas were using on the heavyweight 1934-35 models, so any one could probably be altered to suit.

Third is the casting the shrouds the rubber coupling. Again, a long shot, and not impossible to fabricate a replica if it comes to that.

I will be at the LDMCC annual rally at Stow in the Wold (2023) if anyone has Endeavour bits going spare.