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1914 2 3/4 rebuild
« on: 08 Feb 2023 at 17:58 »
Finally decided to rebuild my spare 2 3/4 Douglas, 2 speed, no clutch etc. After much dismantling and assiduous reading of the excellent articles on the Forum I am left with just a few problems before the actual rebuild.
In the original motor there was apparently no ball and spring in the crankshaft at the timing gear end of things. So my question is does this non return valve rally contribute much or can I rebuild it with no spring and ball in?
Having rejoined the LDMCC I am finding it quite difficult to determine what spares the Club has. I appreciate that there is a hiatus whilst a new Spares Sec takes over but does anyone know if the Club has rear stands for the 2 3/4 machines as mine is defiantly neither original nor functional?
I have thought about making a new rear stand and have the oval tube but the small casting/forging at the hub end is anything but simple to reproduce. Anyone got good ideas or knows whether these are available from the Spares scheme?
Finally on my good Dougie I have continuous problems with flooding from the float chamber. Is there a simple fix? Could it just be shit coming down from the tank and holding the valve open? I await the sage advice of the community on all these issues and promise to put The Slinger back in the garage this summer and only ride the Douglas.


Shaun Crofton

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Re: 1914 2 3/4 rebuild
« Reply #1 on: 08 Feb 2023 at 22:35 »
Hi Shaun,

A list of all pre-war spares held by the LDMCC is available on the club’s website -

Hope this helps,