Author Topic: Wanted Dragonfly or Mark IV/ V engine and gearbox and other parts.  (Read 548 times)

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I recently became the new owner of a Dragonfly frame with forks, mudguards, seat and not much else. What I have is in fair shape but it's a far cry from being a complete bike! I'm new to  Douglas motorcycles but not new to vintage motorcycles.

Anyways  if I can find an engine and gearbox it would become a viable project.  Even though my frame is a Dragonfly I believe a Mark IV or V engine and gearbox will fit so even if I can find one of those engines and gearboxes that will work for me.  I'm not trying to make a correct original restoration.   

  I will still need a lot of other pieces such as wheels, chaing guard, toolbox, petrol tank etc but for now the big item to find is an engine and gearbox.

  If anybody has an engine and or gearbox for sale or can point me in the direction of somebody who may have them it would be much appreciated!
Thank you!
Tim Rush
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 Hi , I can help with a front and rear wheel , both are bare with no bearings or spindles or brake plates , both in solid but very rough
state , i`m in Portsmouth but would be happy to wrap and work with a courier , more than happy to send you photos
hope this helps