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Douglas vintage kneegrip
« on: 21 Apr 2004 at 03:50 »
Can anyone come up with a better photograph of the Douglas Scotsman on the molded rubber knee grip below?  These knee grips were used from about 1923 to 1928 as an optional accessory on the flat tank Douglas motorcycles.  

I would like to get these remade.  Some years ago I was able to borrow a worn and petrified original that gave the shape and size.  As well as an original mounting bracket.  But this photo sent to me is the closest I have come so far as to seeing how much detail the figure has.  One can just see that there is a hint of detail, but whether it is just some simple incised lines (most likely), or perhaps a 3D bass relief carved detail (this example perhaps having worn down) I can not tell.  Unfortunately the person that sent me this picture has died and I have no means to follow up, locate the source, and get a better picture that might show more detail.  So are there any other surviving examples out there?  If so, I would like to get a detailed close up image of the Scotsman and/or a rubbing on tracing paper.  The text below the figure is "John Bull Patent 163211" and have already looked it up, but the patent is generic to rubber knee grip, not specific for this particular one.  The same patent number is displayed on all John Bull knee grips, even post-war.