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Douglas CW frame for swap or sale
« on: 29 Sep 2022 at 08:26 »
I have a Douglas CW frame (CF8508) forks, handlebars, front & rear wheel hubs, seat assembly and fuel tank. "For swap or sale" Frame has had a very early repair on the rear right axle lug, 3 out of the 4 fork spindles missing, the fuel tank has damaged oil / fuel and oil pump interfaces. Generally the frame and forks look straight with very little rust, the seat pan has surface rust/pitting but is very solid. l would like to swap it for parts I need for my Douglas TS (1924 ish) Iím after engine/parts. I will sell but prefer to swap for parts I need.

 Parts needed:

Gearbox belt pulley and nut.

Gearbox sprocket and nut.

Flywheel sprocket and flywheel nut.


Inlet manifold and exhaust manifold nuts

Pistons and conrods.

Valves and springs.

Oil and fuel caps

Update 30 Sep 2022:

Have swapped everything but frame and fuel tank for the parts I need (less one oil cap) thanks for reading 👍
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