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primary chain lube system
« on: 01 May 2022 at 09:57 »
Hi All
I have an S5 that I am reassembling and am confused with what I found in this lube system. as I understand it oil mist travels along a horizontal gallery from the timing case where it exits through the chain case onto the chain. Some where in the latter parts there is a brass cup restricter that limits the oil. Near where the mist leaves the crankcase is a diagonal hole back into the crankcase which is in the shape of a funnel. Somewhere this brass cup goes in, I think with a spring and ball valve.
My questions are how does the brass cup fit?, What size hole is in it? (feeling mine might have been doctored) Originally it seemed to have been blocked up on purpose??? I can find little reference to the layout. Can anyone help please. Diagrams, hand drawn are good.
Many Thanks