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Smelly boots
« on: 09 Jul 2022 at 23:07 »
Got a slight problem with the T35, its running well starting second kick but my boots smell of petrol after a ride. Floats are sealing no leaks from carbs when standing with the fuel taps on fuel consumption has increased slightly but not much and I put that down to me having to use it as daily transport where I,m not as gentle with the throttle as I would normally
Ignition timing is set so that the advance lever is not quite at full adjustment for best performance and has not changed
 Guesses at the moment are inlet valves not seating properly   or possibly too little valve clearances but as its both cylinders slightly in doubt,  so before I start  stripping the heads does any one have any other suggestions or thoughts as to cause, even had a look to check that my size 12's werent blocking the carbs when I ride, but they are well clear