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Norm Gullick....Douglas Enthusiast Extraordinaire
« on: 03 Oct 2005 at 08:43 »
I cannot let the passing of Norm Gullick go by without saying something about him.
I joined the Vintage Motor Cycle Club of Australia (NSW) almost 30 years ago and Norm was the Treasurer at the time....he was still the Treasurer when he died a few weeks ago, in my opinion the club is so healthy finance wise because of Norms dedication to the job and the club.
Norm was the sort of bloke that mixed very easy and made new members welcome from the first meeting they attended. He had a good sense of humour and always had a good joke to finish off with. I respected Norm & Margaret immensely.
In the near 30 years I knew Norm I always thought he and his wife Margaret had a great life together...both music lovers (as is the whole family) and both enjoyed club life in the VMCC, Veteran Car Club of Australia, Model A Ford Club and of course Norm was a long time member of the London Douglas Club. Norm got hold of a 1914 3 1/2HP model Douglas many years ago in dilapidated condition and performed a stunning restoration of it and its wicker sidecar...the outfit is still perfect many years later.
Many more Douglas machines followed all of which received the same treatment,  those that have seen Norms OB will know what I mean.
Back in 1993 Norm had a multiple heart bypass (the problem picked up by a very astute Doctor whilst Norm was having a routine checkup) I told Norm to buy him a lottery ticket, I think he did! Norm and Margaret were off on a 6 month trip around Europe and the UK shortly afterwards and my wife and I were lucky enough to meet up with them at Beaulieu Autojumble that year.....he had just bought the earliest Fairy on record.
Norms passing will leave a void in many peoples lives I am sure....VMCC meeting in Sydney will never be the same.
To Graeme (a member of this forum) and his brother and sister I say you were lucky to have the parents you did.
Norm was 78 years old.
RIP Norm.
Howard Burrows

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Re: Norm Gullick....Douglas Enthusiast Extraordinaire
« Reply #1 on: 12 Oct 2005 at 05:14 »
Thanks for the kind thoughts Howard.
You rightly said that dad was a Douglas enthusiast extraordinaire - which ironically came about quite by accident. After joining the VMCC in 1976, having just purchased a restored Indian4 outfit, he was convinced by a couple of long serving members that he should really get a veteran as well. He put feelers out for a suitable machine, and after just missing out on buying a Precision engined Iris (a machine that is still out there somewhere - having seen it way back then I would love to know where it is now), Noel Bird offered him the 1914 3 1/2hp outfit, which as you said was in a truly dreadful state. A challenging first restoration to say the least! We restored it in quick time - 9 months - and dad enjoyed 28 years of riding it since then. He soon realised what a fine machine a Douglas can be, and over the years has amassed quite a collection of them, all lovely bikes to ride. The 3 1/2 outfit remained his favourite.
With dad's health deteriorating over the last few months, I have been furiously trying to get the Fairy restored, and dad was delighted to see the progress. Unfortunately time ran out, but it will be a great memorial to him to have it up and running soon.
Dad took great delight in knowing that his sons, and now grandsons, are interested in the old bikes, and he can rest assured that the Douglases are in safe hands.
My new son Euan has a lot of dad in him - he is most definitely a Gullick! So dad lives on in a way.
Thanks again.
Cheers, Graeme