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Piston rings T35

Started by douglas1947, 02 Feb 2022 at 16:38

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Do someone know:
are the very thin original Hepolite piston rings (+0.20") available?

Have found rings in my engine with very unusual gap  -  14mm!!!  on both compression rings and 6mm!!! on the sraper ring.
I wonder about running this engine!

The pistons and clearance in the cylinder are still okay. So I will be happy to find a new set of rings.


Image aspect ratio fixed - Dave, 03Feb2022


What about something like this ?

You may have to file them down to get sufficient end gap, which is not the best practice.
But anything is better than 14mm !!


When I bought my Mk 4 I was advised that it had Honda 750 K4 pistons which was a known and accepted modification as the original Hepolites were machined with bigger clearances, took forever to bed in and burn oil!  Ring gaps  like yours make all of this seem sensible.


I have looked at the Ebay offer: it is only the oil scraper ring, no compression rings. So it does not help.

I have noticed, I made a mistake and have set the point at my measure wrong:
the pistons are .020" !  (piston size 61,308mm).