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Hi Folks, hope you all well,
My (1919/20) Douglas 2 3/4hp (loose TT Rep) is coming along nicely and I have recently being doing the remaining fabrication tasks on mudguards and footrest hangers etc, before taking them off again to give them final painting and black 2-pack topcoat.

As you can see from the photographs below, I have fabricated footrest hangers, which are attached to the original Douglas 615D Footbrake Mounting clamp (as fitted to 1915-19 frames), but have an extended tube on the opposite side to the original footbrake mounting tube, with a rod running all the way through, so it can also act as the mount for the footrests, which are on extended rearward facing hangers, and using 'D' shaped Douglas footrest rubbers.
I know that most Douglas frames of this period would also have had a second vertical frame extension tube (693D), pointing downwards in front of the gearbox mount, that was the normal rear mount for Douglas footrests or footboards - but as this frame came to me, this was not there (and interestingly - looked like it may never have been there!), and I did not feel the need to replace it, having worked out that the arrangement shown here should be workable.

So, with all that said, although I have it all fabricated and in place now . . . it would be useful to know what the overall width of the footrest assembly was on 'standard' or 'sports' Douglas 2 3/4hp models of similar 'teens' period.  Therefore, If any owners out there that have models fitted with footrests (as opposed to footboards) would mind taking a measurement - if possible from the outermost end of one footrest rubber to the other, then I would be very grateful.
As it is, although mine look reasonable, I am wondering if the tube I have made on the left side is a little bit too long, so extends out too far . . . so before taking off and painting it would be useful to know how wide original bikes were.  Many thanks in advance to anyone that can assist.

And final thing, although my own parts manufacturing business is now fully back on a backlog of our Norton single parts, I did have a couple of smaller Douglas parts updates which I will include on a Newsletter link in the Commercial section . . . as soon as I get it finished!

Best wishes
Paul and

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