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350 cc E.W. mudguards - SOLD -
« on: 18 Apr 2021 at 17:38 »
Please don't enquire any more - the mudguards have been sold now

a long story: some 25 years ago, I had made a pair of new mudguards for my 350cc E.W. as the originals seemed beyond repair to me. 
When it came to doing the cosmetics of the bike (that was some 20 years ago) I stopped, as I thought it would be a shame to lose the original finish of the bike. So I started repairing the original mudguards and re-fitted these, see pics. I liked the outcome, so I do not need the new mudguards any more now.

They are made out of blanks with the correct width and shape, with all the struts etc. I had fitted them to my 1927-ish bike so they should go more or less straight on to a E.W. of this era. As the whole thing has happened some 20 years ago there is some surface rust on the mudgurads, but this very superficial only - no problem to remove.

I am thinking of 350 for the pair.


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