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Dragonfly Chain

Started by Sgtbiro, 22 Mar 2021 at 21:27

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Hi all, could someone advise me to which is the best chain for a Dragonfly.

Cheers Kevin..


I bought a chain from Burton Bike Bits, 5/8" x 1/4" x 94 links. It came with a connecting clip. I was going to fit it weeks ago but first it was too cold and horrible and since then I have found several other things that needed to be done. I'll be using the Dragonfly to go to work for the rest of this week but I will really get round to fitting it on Sunday. Promise. I'll tell you what I think of the chain once I've fitted it.


I fitted the Renold chain which went on easily enough, a lot easier than removing the old one. Fitted the sprockets, the length was right and it behaved well enough on a test run. It certainly looks more respectable than the old one. I think Renold chain would have been fitted originally so the Dragonfly should be happy with it.
Congratulations on getting your Dragonfly running, what was the problem? Good luck with the unhappy noises.


Hi Patrick
Thank you for your reply's its much appreciated i will take a look at the chain you have put on your Fly can you please let me know where you bought it from.
After checking the timing again and resetting it, then trying a trick recommended to me by Eddie i put some silicone sealer around the induction pipes and low and behold it started.
I have also had an e-mail from Eddie regarding the noise coming from the gearbox which i will have a go tomorrow night.

Cheers Kevin 


Good morning Kevin. The Dragonfly's chain came from The part number was 110054, 5/8 x 1/4 and 94 links. They hide their chains under the heading of 'engine parts' and it is listed under 'single chains'.

My 4th bike

5/8 x 1/4 inch chain the Reynolds No. (Sgtbiro) 110054.
The Modern roller chain number is 520.
EK Chains 520 O-Ring 120L Chain.