Author Topic: Aero Douglas oil drip feed assembly  (Read 763 times)

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Aero Douglas oil drip feed assembly
« on: 18 Mar 2021 at 17:31 »
I have seen a few comments regarding the drip feed assembly anti siphon valve. This is my recent experience.

I have been having a problem in losing my oil from the tank to the sump when the engine is not running. Only the last year, prior to that I had never had a problem. Note I do not have an isolating valve.
So what had changed? Thinking back two years all I had done was to remove the drip feed assembly to paint it.
Ok let’s take it apart again and see what I have done.
Removed the drip feed assembly, 1/4” ball is still there and in good condition, seat is in good condition no dirt or oxidation, took the lightweight conical spring out, no damage and in good condition. But wait which way up was the spring? Yes I had put it in upside down! So on assembly  instead of a 0.25” compression on the spring I only had 0.125”. Or maybe a little less.
Reassembled correctly (small dia of the conical spring to the ball) filled with oil and run up to temperature, shut down and has been standing for about five days now and no oil losses to the sump. Sight glass is clear.
happy days.