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Error message when posting attachments
« on: 07 Feb 2021 at 19:39 »
If ever you receive this error message when attaching images...

"Your attachment has failed security checks and cannot be uploaded. Please consult the forum administrator."

... please continue and post the text of your message without trying to attach images. Then send your photos to the address shown in this topic and we will add them to your post.

This error message can be generated when unusual groups of pixels or characters are found in the image. Unfortunately, as images get larger, it is more likely unusual groups may appear.
It has taken a while for the cause of these so called 'security' errors to be traced. But we now understand it is due to some overzealous security checks in the forum software.
We believe this issue of image security checking has been addressed in the next major release of the forum software due to arrive later this year.

When that error message is tripped, unfortunately, you are likely to lose all the text you have written in your post. This is very annoying!

Suggested workarounds.
If you have encountered this error message while attaching images before, or want to test before posting images from a new device, here are a couple of workarounds.

The 'Try-it-first' workaround.
1. Go to the appropriate forum for your topic and write a very brief text message such as "Text to follow".
2. Attach the images to the message and press the Post button to save it.
3. If it posts correctly with the attachments, use the Modify button in the top right corner of your message and replace the temporary text with your full wording.
4. Save the modified post. Your message is then complete with full wording and images.
5. If the attachments don't attach, and you lose the temporary message, then write the text of your full message without attempting to attach the images, and post just the text.
6. Then send your photos to the address shown in this topic and we will add them to your post.

The 'Resize it' workaround.
This may help, but it depends on the resizing software. Some versions of Photoshop have been mentioned as possibly causing the problem.

1. Resize your image(s) to 1000 pixels wide. (This will be the new standard width for all images - currently 900 pixels wide.)
2. Post your text and resized image(s) as normal.
3. If you would like to test your resizing software first, post a test message in the Test forum for all users.

Any questions or comments on the above, please post below.


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