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Douglas Industrial Truck

Started by Hapty1, 01 Feb 2021 at 22:46

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Hi All,

I am trying to help a old friend out who is restoring a Douglas Industrial Trolley Truck and requires a Carburetor. Is there anyone who can sell me one and is willing to send to Australia. My mate is in his 80's and I just want to help him where I can and we are not rich but want to finish this project. I believe they are a Solex Carby and he has broken off the section where the float bowl attaches to the main body. I know there different then the motorcycle carbies, but just hoping someone has a generator engine etc from the 600cc motor.

Big thanks to anyone willing to help.



Something like this ?, from a previous thread here on these engines

Good Luck.



That is what I'm after, I do not know how scares they are as I believe there the same on the generators. I live in a remote area in Australia so do not have access to find one here.

Any help that anyone can give me would be appreciated, even another carby that could be adapted or if anyone know how you can weld the alloy there made out of.



Hi Hapty,

I have the majority of a generator set in pieces and definitely have the carb although off the top of my head I'm not sure it is the same as what you're looking for.
I'll dig it out later today and photograph it for you.
If it will suit you're welcome to it - I am in England though!




Attached are some photos of my generator carb Hapty but I'm afraid it doesn't look as if it's what you need.

Good luck with your search!



Quote from: Hapty1 on 02 Feb 2021 at 08:37
even another carby that could be adapted or if anyone know how you can weld the alloy there made out of.

It wouldn't be original, but almost any horizontally operating carb could probably be adapted.
Anything off say a wartime M20 or 16H would probably fit the bill. With an adapter ?
Or even an amal concentric at a pinch.

There are welding rods that will work on zinc alloy diecastings/mazac/pot metal.
Lumiweld 2000 is the name that comes to mind.
These are a very low temp melting rod that uses a low gas flame, for welding/soldering zinc.
You have to be very very cautious, too much heat and it all goes 'blob'. The weld area vicinity needs to be really clean too.
If there is a fuel passage through the middle of this, this can be a challenge to keep intact and clear and sealed.


Thanks for all the help and info and I will keep it all in mind. I will keep on the hunt a bit longer for a original and then go the line of adapting a non original if nothing turns up and I'll keep you in mind DJS as I'm happy to pay postage etc to get something for him. he does not use internet so his ability to source something is limited.

Thanks All



Hi Tony,
              From memory, your carb looks like a Solex, and is very similar to that fitted to just postwar Standard cars. I think you will find that the main carb body and float chamber top are cast in one piece - then the float bowl just bolts up underneath it (with the main jet just a slide fit in the bottom of the main body). If this is the case, it should be possible to repair the main body (as there are no critical drillings across that part of the casting that will affect the carb's performance).




You are correct in what you have said. I will look at some way of welding it if I can not source a replacement.


Eric S


The carb is more likely to be zinc based.
Pot metal, mazac, diecast, call it what you will.

But thats exactly the Lumiweld rod I referred to.
Excellent for low temp welding/soldering of zinc based carbs.
Just don't let anything get too hot, or it will all go 'blob'.  !


Thanks for the info EW-Ron. I will try getting some rods and weld if replacement can not be sourced.


Hi and sorry to jump on the post but I've just bought what I believe to possibly be an industrial truck engine can anyone give me any info on it  8)


Tazmantic, yes looks like industrial engine 600cc. I had trouble getting a original carby but may be easier where you are. Same engine was also on generators. Looks like a earlier engine as cast heads and should have copper head gasket. So I've been told.


Cheers Hapty1 would you know roughly what year? Or even where to go to find any more info about them?


That doesn't look to have detachable heads.
Or a later recirculating oiling system.
That would make it late 1920s ?

The adverts for them ran for years with the same pic ?

They have been discussed here before ? e.g.


This has different crank case and inlet manifold than mine and mine is lat 1920s. Also has different oil line location. Look at top photo in this discussion as that engine is same as mine and inlet runners are two pieces.


Also just noticed no governing mechanism above crank/drive.


Hi I think the heads are detachable as it has bolts but I could be wrong and also the valves don't line up with the push rods they are off centre so maybe barrels and heads have been changed. Also there appears to be an oil feed at the top that then seems to go to the right hand cylinder. There is also oil drip feeds on all 4 valve springs then on the bottom left of the crank case there is another fitting.


Yes the heads are detachable and offset on valves is normal. I'd say yours is a very early engine. I don't know enough about them to give you any advice.


Thanks wonder where any info could be found about them