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Started by Neilj, 08 Jun 2021 at 05:45

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Can anyone recommend an engineering company to bore my cylinders.blind bore as I do not have removable heads.Thanks Neil


Try SEP (service exchange parts) Kegworth 01509 673295.
If you have'nt got oversize pistons you will have to source some.
search the posts,various modern pistons have been used.
I have used JP pistons (Australia) in my sports but it has detachable heads.
I have no conection with SEP other than being a satisfyed customer, but they
can be a bit slow on turn round
Regards Keith


Also used SEP for a few jobs, regrinding an A65 bottom end and welding and grinding back to original size a  6 cylinder  japanese crank, both jobs were excellently done but as keith says they can have a slow turnaround, probably because they're so busy perhaps that in itself could be used as a  recommendation