Author Topic: FT350 engine into an off-road bike  (Read 746 times)

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FT350 engine into an off-road bike
« on: 10 Jan 2021 at 22:17 »
HNY All,

Now the Yuletide is drawing to an end & yet again we have Lockdown #3, I've been looking at the FT350 I came by the other year which belonged to Stan Stevens the 2-stroke man & I thought I would find the genie parts to restore it to it's original purpose as I understand but fortunately I pickup a WW2 FT350 almost complete for restoration late last year.

So having look through the postings on the forum I have found a road bike, monocot (would have loved to do this as an aero modeller but the FAA wouldn't give me a licence now) conversion but as I have an early 2-3/4hp & dragonfly road bikes I'd like this to be my off-roader.

Looking for help/advice on how to proceed please, as I can't see any field bikes that this engine was used in, to be like the SOS with a Villiers (had the good fortune to meet Carl, his boys & daughter 20 years ago) & hopefully live as long to ride it around my 100th birthday ;?)

I was thinking leading links up front but which frame, swinging arm,wheels, tank, gearbox, carbs, etc.,like to try & keep it in the sprit of a Douglas.

Thanks in advance, take care & keep safe all, till next we meet.

Kind regards

Jeff Swann