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modifying TS wheel hubs
« on: 07 Dec 2020 at 08:00 »
G'day fellow Douglas Aficionados,
I have to make up 4 Douglas wheels for a couple of 1924 TS i seem to have acquired (good first world problem!).
I have been unable to locate anyone who may be making replacement parts for these hubs (ie: screw in races/axles etc) unless i have missed such on this excellent forum, and if i have, please point me in the right direction. I did check with the LDMCC, and  they don't appear to have these parts available.

2 of the hubs i have, while generally in useable shape, the internal threads for the screw in races, are shot. In view of this i am wondering if anyone has experienced the same and has modified the hubs to use "caged" style roller bearings, (aka "cartridige" bearings) ? looking at the hubs, they have an internal shoulder which "should" prevent bearings from falling into the hub, (and/or i can make up a suitable spacer that axles passes through). i was thinking i could then machine/cut, the damaged threads out to bearing "o.d.",  then machine a groove in the hub, to then fit a circlip to retain bearings/stop them from moving towards outside of hub, then machine up suitable axles/and covers. In as much as i acknowledge this mod deviates from originality, it seems a shame to waste what are otherwise, good hubs.
Any advice/suggestions/drawings, appreciated.
Kind Regards,