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Tips for New Members
« on: 02 Sep 2005 at 11:57 »
Clearing New Post Icons And Tags

On your first visit to the forum as a new member, you’ll see a deep blue/grey sphere next to every forum.

These are New Post icons indicating there are unread posts in each of those forums.

When you go into a forum, you’ll see New Tags next to every topic indicating these are unread topics

As a new member, there’s an awful lot of reading if you were to read every topic in every forum. So you may wish to clear some, or all of these New Post indicators, so you can see what’s new from now onwards.

You can clear them for any individual forum, or for all the forums.

How To Clear One Forum

Open the forum by clicking on its name on the Forum Index page.

Then click on the link Mark All Topics as Read.

Now your forum will look like this - all the New Tags will have disappeared.

You can do this with as many forums as you wish.

How To Reset All Forums

Go to the Forum Index page and at the bottom on the right hand side, you’ll see a link Mark ALL Messages as Read

Click on this link and all ]New Tag and all New Post icons will be removed as in the images below. Your Forum and Topic Index pages will now look like this and you will be able to see new posts arriving from now on.

For more information about how these New Post indicators work, please see –  A Guide To How The New Post Indicators Work
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Re: Tips for New Members
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Quick Profile Setup

Your Personal Profile controls many valuable forum features. Here’s a few quick settings to get it working for you.

Open your Profile via the link on every page

Forum Profile Information

Click on Forum Profile Information in the left hand menu.

Location - enter the name of your country. This will help others understand the content of your post better and give more accurate replies. It is essential if you are posting a classified For Sale or Wanted message.

Then click on Change Profile to save your changes.

Look and Layout Preferences

Click on Look and Layout Preferences in the left hand menu.

Click on (auto detect) to enter the number of hours you are ahead or behind of GMT. This will help you understand the timing of messages. If the auto detect link doesn't produce the right number, please enter it manually. (This will need to be re-done when daylight savings changes occur.)

Now on the same page, check a couple of boxes in the window below.

Return to topics after posting by default - check this so you are sure your message is posted as intended.
Show most recent personal messages at top - check this so that your Personal Messages box is displayed in a similar manner to a list of topics within a forum.

Then click on Change Profile to save your changes.

Notifications and Email

Click on Notifications and Email in the left hand menu.

Check these two boxes so you know when people have replied to your messages.

Receive reply notification only for the first unread reply
Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic

Then click on Save Settings to save your changes.

Personal Message Options

Click on Personal Message Options in the left hand menu

Check these two boxes

Save a copy of each Personal Message in my outbox by default
Show a popup when you receive new messages?

Then click on Change Profile to save your changes.

That's it! As you learn more about how the forum works, you can come back and fine tune your Profile settings.