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Hi Everyone, hope you and your families are all well in these difficult times,

We have been busy in the last 3 months, as well as the normal Norton stuff .. . I have also being writing the CNC programs and jigs to manufacture a batch of very pretty Stainless Steel valve caps - admittedly for partly selfish reasons, as the original ones on my own rebuild project looked pretty grotty.
I have made them in 3 types - plain/hollow type, 18mm spark plug type and 14mm spark plug type.  They can all be seen in the Douglas section of our RacingNorton catalog:
Apologies if they do not appear cheap, but can assure the amount of time it took to write all the programs, make jigs and a considerable setup time for a relatively small batch size meant I could not have justified doing it if I hadent of needed some myself!  However, at least they will be available now for the future.  I may consider other models as well if enough demand - I was expecting they will also fit EW models, but see the detail listing for more information, when checking an original EW head I found the valve cap distances are fractionally closer together on that model.

As part of the same piece of work, I also spent a a fair bit of time looking at veteran spark plug fittings (how sad is that?) and can now offer some brass knurled fittings and cooling fins to make modern plugs look period, again, I have an item listing the various sorts we can provide in the same Douglas section, along with washers and period HT cable:
I have to say, as part of looking at spark plugs in more detail I found that there were lots of variations in threads and types, and I try and cover some of this in the detail listing.

Finally, as I covered on a seperate topic 2 months ago, I have now also written the programs to manufacture oil pipe fittings for the late teen's to late 20's drip feed oil pipe fittings - 1/4" bore pipe.  As well as various connectors and ferrules, I have made up a few sets, using my own 1919 Douglas 2 3/4hp project restoration to test fit the fittings and make templates for future production.  In the next few weeks I am likely to be adding some petrol pipe fittings to this listing.  Again, this multiple item listing can be found in the same Douglas section link as above.

Allthough now heavily into the backlog of Norton parts I have, I will be looking to produce some other smaller Douglas 2 3/4parts in the coming months - i.e. 2 speed belt pulley gearbox nuts, possibly engine mount bolts etc.

A couple of photos of recent parts below:

Best wishes
Paul and
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