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1937 Aero 600cc
« on: 26 Sep 2020 at 14:45 »
This is the machine that my father bought in August of 1937 from Pride and Clark. 6P prefix engine and frame, U prefix gear box.
He mothballed it in September of 1946, filling the gearbox and the engine completely With oil, covering all the external parts in grease and left it in the corner of the garage covered in an old carpet.
I started the restoration as a teenager in about 1969 and under my father’s guidance rebuilt it completely. It has provided many many years of trouble free riding since.
The unit is about as genuine as they come. The only items that are not as built are
Cylinder head bolts are now Allen bolts, the flywheel clutch assembly screws are now Allen bolts, the tool box is 1” shorter than it should be (measure twice, cut once) and the leather front was the girlfriends old handbag. The cylinders and heads were coloured mat silver, 1937 only, I finished them in black.


Larger view

Larger view

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