Author Topic: M32 Follower Guides and pushrod tube sealing  (Read 191 times)

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M32 Follower Guides and pushrod tube sealing
« on: 17 Sep 2020 at 12:46 »
Hi All,

My M32 follower guides each have an amidships slot, along with the dimples for the application of "extraction methods". What is the best orientation for these slots from a lubrication point of view please?

If all at , say 12 o'clock, does oil cascade from the upper (inlet) ones? If at 3 o'clock, will lubrication be sufficient? Ideally a dribble running through would be useful for the tappet balls, assuming it doesn't all run out of the slots to clear the tappet block clamps first.

This leads to my next question. Has anyone tried sealing off the pushrod tubes at the clamp with silicone seal or similar? I suppose eventually the exhaust tubes will fill up with oil to the level of the first gap and leak from there. As oil is still cheaper than bearings that might be no bad thing?

I look forward to your advice!