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MK crankshaft pinions

Started by tck, 07 Aug 2020 at 12:11

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Final episode of my stripdown (I hope)
There are two crankshaft pinions on the timing end of the engine the inner one fine teeth and the outer one for the magdyno I have removed all the other pinions now including the magdyno pinion so I am left with a key in the crankshaft and the fine toothed timing gear pinion
I cannot get an extractor on this pinion as it should be it is close up to the crankcase components and I think that the key I can see  is common to both gears (conformation?) I shall be renewing the front crankshaft bush (lets hope it a one piece one)  so am I correct in following the instructions "gently tap the end with a hide hammer" etc? and does this imply that this is with this pinion in place.


I believe every query should be resolved for the sake of the next "worried of Bristol" who uses the search feature (not that enough users do I think)
The problem above was resolved as follows:
I measured the shaft from end to pinion face and gave it a smack with a copper hammer then measured again it had shortened (moved inwards) by .010" this encouraged me to try again and another .015 moved and a gap showed between the crankcase half's. continuing the process  in the end the movement was sufficient to fit a standard two leg extractor and take off the pinion and split the cases. So it seems the key is common to both pinions and stays on the shaft in extraction.That is, I believe the undocumented procedure.
Incidentally the flywheel end was an easy knock out the double  bearing did come out with the crankshaft I will leave it in position and Alpha can get it off. Now to find a suitable box...
The whole engine strip took a lot longer than I expected now the wait is for the spares service to reopen I have a long list.