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How to Register and post your first Message
« on: 28 Aug 2005 at 08:23 »
How to join

Guest Visitor or Membership ?

Guests are welcome to read the discussion in the forums without becoming a member. As a Guest, you will be able to browse most of the forums - some forums are available to Members only. However, to post messages or advertisements and contact other Members, you will need to join. Another benefit of membership is the ability to choose topics you would like to stay in touch with. You can also choose to receive an email with the full content of the update if you wish.

How to Join

Joining the is free and only takes a minute. We call this process "Registration" and you only need do it once. Your real name is not required for registration. You can use any nickname you like (as long as someone else hasnít already used it).

Other people in the forum will come to know you by the username you choose. It becomes your on-line identity. If you later wish to change it, you can do so by emailing me using the Email link underneath my avatar in the left hand column.

To get started, click on JOIN HERE or REGISTER in the horizontal menu in the top left corner of the page.

A registration page will appear like this (part shown only)

Enter your details in the four fields of the registration form

  • Your username can be anything you wish (as long as someone else hasn't used already used it.
  • The email address needs to be a working address as your confirmation email will arrive via this address. Please note, this email address will not be displayed in the forum. Other registered members of the forum will be able to contact you, however guests will not.
  • The password can be anything up to 32 characters - but 6-8 is probably sufficient. It is case sensitive

Read the agreement and if you agree, scroll down and click on I Agree followed by JOIN HERE or REGISTER.

You will then see a message about activating your account.

When the email arrives, click on the activation link.

This will bring up a window like this. Enter your Username and Password and check the box "Always stay logged in".

Then, whenever you return to the Forum, you will be automatically logged in and see a Welcome window at the top of the page like this.

Now you are ready to post your first message.

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Re: How to Register and post your first Message
« Reply #1 on: 28 Aug 2005 at 08:31 »
How to post your first message

First select the right forum for your message and click on it's name.

Then click on Start New Topic in the top right hand menu.

This will bring up an empty message posting window like the one below. First enter a subject heading for your message. Try to make it as meaningful and descriptive as possible. Then type your message in the large white window underneath.

Once you have completed your message, select the options from the check boxes underneath the posting window. We suggest you check Notify me of replies and Return to this topic

Now you can see a Preview of your message before you post it in the forum. Click on the Preview button at the bottom. You can Preview and make changes as many times as you like before posting your message.

The Preview will show you how the message will look in the forum.

When you are happy with your message, click on Post to post your message in the forum.

And now you will see your complete message posted in the forum.

If you have checked Notify me of replies, you will receive an email when someone replies to your message. You can turn notification on and off at any time.