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Douglas Man
« on: 07 Apr 2004 at 11:40 »
Early this year, a reader published this message on the website about the Douglas Man.

My Grandfather worked for Douglas and as a result I have a little cast 'Douglas man' that I believe he acquired when he worked there.
I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about them.
Thank you for your help.

Here's another picture of a 'Douglas Man' from Doug Kephart's article "Researching the Douglas Patents" -

And here he is again with his cap off.

Does anyone know the history of these Douglas men?

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Douglas Man
« Reply #1 on: 20 Apr 2004 at 04:21 »
Below is an image of a "Douglas Man" on display at the Warmley Heritage Center, just north of the former Douglas Factory at Kingswood, taken in May of 2003.  

As you can see by the description, it was used as a dealer sales award.  They might have used the same for employee service awards, or additionally available if you knew the right foreman to ask!  As they had their own foundry it was hardly any trouble for them to knock off promotional items like this.


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Douglas Man
« Reply #2 on: 13 May 2004 at 06:14 »
With regards to the "Douglas Man" or little man....I have a factory issued booklet dating from 1922 "List of Douglas Blocks" issued to agents for advertising purposes.
It is illustrated with page after page of little men in all sorts of positions..also advertising layouts for dealerships.
All these advertising blocks and layouts were available direct from the factory at no cost to the dealership.
Looking for a frame for a 1922 3 1/2HP "S1" Super Sports.
Thanks....Dirt Track.