Author Topic: Dragonfly Electrics, Wiring Diagram No. 2166 and Miller Switch  (Read 417 times)

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Just completing an essential total re-wire of my 1956 Dragonfly.
This is to use the Miller Switch I've acquired.
Park/Emergency/Off/Run and Charge/ Headlight/Pilot.
Can you please confirm that the Switch Operation Table in wiring diagram 2166 is correct?
Also the switch terminal illustration?
The terminal 9 needs a tab to one of the contact rings- Does this contact the endmost ring or the central ring?
Does the switch need to be directly earthed. If so how.
Many thanks.
The bike was previously wired to a non-standard arrangement, that's way I'm re-wiring it to 2166.

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As far as I am aware, there are no problems with the wiring diagram (2166) as far as the actual wiring is concerned. There is, however, a diagram in circulation that shows incorrect internal wiring within the alternator - there shouldn't be an outer connection between the alternator coils at 5 o'clock - but this doesn't affect the rest of the wiring.
  The finger from terminal 9 should contact the upper ring on the switch rotor (the DC circuit). When new, the switch was housed in a rubber sleeve - if a tight fit can't be made in the nacelle, a couple of keep plates may be needed (on terminal 9 and the stud opposite) - in which case, the plate on terminal 9 will need to be insulated so that it can't earth out to the nacelle. The whole switch is in the live side of the circuit and does not need, or have any connection to earth.

  Hope this helps,

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Thanks Eddie,  can now confidently progress as per 2166.
I did confuse myself by checking continuity through the switch remotly, without it being in circuit with anything!
Thanks for your quick reply.
Best wishes.