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Information needed

Started by Sgtbiro, 22 Feb 2020 at 19:47

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Hi all after receiving my dragonfly engine back from being re-built i have attached the gearbox to the engine and now the kick start pedal wont move, but if you put a spanner on the crankshaft and turn it the engine will rotate and the kick start shaft rotates but when you put your foot on it and try to push it down, it wont budge.
split the engine from the gearbox and all works fine again anyone got any ideas why.
Please help .

Cheers Kevin.. 


It sounds vaguely like the alignment isn't quite correct there somewhere.

Not knowing Dragonflies in the slightest (only BMWs) Is there any room say in the clutch setup
for things to get out of whack ? (If things aren't perfectly concentric, turning them may not be successful)

Can you try and turn it over on the kickstart with the gearbox only loosely attached.
(don't strain things if things are only hanging be a few threads.).
At some point in the reattachment process, things must tighten up - which may be instructive.

Roys rider

I had this trouble and Eddie wrote a reply which was something to do with the key in the plate at the end of the gearbox (held on with 3 screws). Look back for one of my posts last year. Wish my memory was better. Anyway it worked. Be gentle with the kick-start it is fragile.