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Dragonfly temporary ignition

Started by Sgtbiro, 31 Jan 2020 at 19:26

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Hi hope someone can help, is it possible to set up a temporary ignition for my newly refurbished engine so i can test run the engine without connecting all the electrics up.
PS a diagram would be a huge help if possible.

Cheers Kevin.. 


Hi Kevin,
                Yes, just fit a fully charged battery in the carrier, connect one side to earth. Take a lead with a switch in it and connect the other side of the battery to the coil (polarity is not important providing you have no other electrics connected). You should now be able to switch on and start the bike. Only when you have the generator in circuit will you need to make sure the polarity is correct. If the generator is fitted in the timing cover and the wiring disconnected, make sure the generator wires cannot touch each other or earth out



Studying the wiring diagram for the Dragonfly on this previous thread
it looks like you have a positive earth system with coil and contact breaker.

On that basis, the battery needs its connection/wire to earth (frame chassis) from the positive terminal.
And, you need to run a wire from the battery negative terminal to the coil, and from the other terminal on the coil to the contact breaker.

Simple eh ?
Since you will then have no way of switching it off, either an alligator clip somewhere, which can be unclipped - or put an on/off switch in the circuit as well.

Have fun...


Thanks guys as always some very good advice, i can always rely on you when i am stuck which is most of the time ha ha.

Cheers Kevin..