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Bikes For Sale
« on: 09 Nov 2019 at 08:58 »
The club has a couple of donated bikes for sale - please see details below

Please click on the link below (Ctrl + Click) and this will give you access to details of the 2 bikes the club currently has for sale, plus photographs. If you are using BT Broadband and experience problems please see the additional notes for BT Broadband users. BT may now have sorted this problem out, but if you find you canít access the photos then use the WORKAROUND provided.

If you still have problems then let me know and I will email some of the photos to you, but due to the files sizes allowed by email I will have to reduce the resolution of the photos.

As to price, the club sells any donated bikes on a sealed bid arrangement. Once all the bids are in the Committee will open them and the highest bidder will win. The bidding will close on the 31st November to give any one who is interested a chance to bid.. If you are interested you can send a bid to me by email or by post to my home address which is on page 2 of the Conrod.
The bikes are currently located in the clubís garage in Haslemere, Surrey and if your bid is successful you will be required to make arrangements for the bike/s to be collected from that address.

Please note the Club reserves the right to withdraw the bikes from sale in the event of the bids received being unrealistically low.!AoLtnKrnI24Bh3OVMLYzZ17JSKuX

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