Author Topic: Early Douglas (2 3/4hp) Fork Spindle Sets - Update  (Read 2669 times)

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Hi All,
I have finally got round to writing the CNC programs for early Douglas 2 3/4hp Fork Spindle kits - the type of fork fitted I believe between approx. 1912-19.
Spindles are manufactured from tough stainless 316 and original Douglas fork spindles pulled from an original set of forks were used as the template.  The set is four spindles and includes the original type castellated nuts (also in stainless), as well as washers and split pins.

They have been made in a slight oversize, to take into account original blade/yoke wear (and not having enough meat on them to safely rebush methinks), but detail information about them can be found in the item listing on our online catalog.

See link to these spindle sets on the (small) Douglas section of our SOHC Norton online parts catalog:

Best wishes,
Paul and

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Re: Early Douglas (2 3/4hp) Fork Spindle Sets - Update
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I sent you an E mail after your PM sent on my account about the 600 Aero's head bolts. Just to make sure you got it.
If others might be interested, Paul was looking about how many person could be interested?