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Rear Lights on Mk3

Started by Ozawoza, 15 Jun 2019 at 20:29

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Has anybody come across this configuration of rear lights before...... Not even sure if it's a standard Douglas configuration, but I haven't sen it before? I've searched high and low on the internet to try and find something similar in order to replace the 2No smaller lenses (I'm guessing that they're supposed to be red, but I suppose they could just be side illuminating for the registration plate to supplement the main light above?

The red lens that I have is definitely incorrect, as the thread is much coarser that that in the holder (just wedged in with insulation tape wrapped around it to give it some grip) - If anybody could point me in the right direction, even if you only know what other type of bike it may have been used on then I would very much appreciate it

Thanks in Advance


Close up of the actual screw fitting....


Originally, the Mark 3 would only have had a tail light (no stop light!). When stop lights became mandatory, many owners tried fitting extra lights to ensure their bikes were legal. The red cover on your additional light looks to be similar to that on the end of the indicator switch used on late 50's cars when flashing indicators were first introduced (Mini's, Morris Minors, etc.)



Thanks Eddie..... Interestingly all three lights only work on the rear brake pedal at the moment (bad earthing somewhere I think as none of the lights seem to consistently work on any switch without wiggling).... reckon I may just get a block of acrylic and turn/polish something out to put in there as I really like the look of the rear end