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CW rear sprocket dish?

Started by Keith, 06 Jun 2019 at 23:32

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A friend of mine is in the process of setting up his CNC machine to reproduce the 55t rear sprocket for the CWs.
He has an original which he is working from but needs confirmation regarding the amount of 'dish' built into the sprocket.
I also have an original but it has been mangled too much to reliably measure the dish. :cry:

So, does anyone know the amount of dish on the original or could anyone with a sprocket please measure the dish.

Thanks, Keith...


From my rather crude measurement technique, I make it 0.450 inch. Should be cross checked by some else however in case mine a bit buckled.


Thanks for that Alan.
Can you also tell me the actual thickness of the sprocket material? That way we can subtract that from the 0.450" to get the actual "hollow" dimension.


The plate appears to be about 0.225 in all over give or take some residual nickel plating.
On one side of the gear ie the side that sits against the frame not the wheel, there is a slight indentation say a light skim where a flat level face has been machined . The width of this face is about 0.330 in but couldn't measure the very small depth as a bit variable as you would expect machining a probably a curved and maybe a bit twisted surface.....Hope this helps.....Alan


Thanks Alan, a great help!