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B29 Shift lever
« on: 28 May 2019 at 21:30 »
I've got a question about one of the levers involved in the shift mechanism of my B29.  The lever has two holes drilled in it. When I got the bike, the clevis on the shift shaft was installed in the lower hole, and the shift lever on the tank would not move far enough to fit in the slot in the shift gate when the transmission was in 3rd gear.  I tried adjusting the clevis on the threaded shaft, but it never quite worked properly, either it would work for 3rd gear and not for 1st and vice versa.  I moved the clevis into the upper hole, and with a few adjustments, it selects all three gears and neutral in the proper location of the shift lever and the gate.  Do all the bikes have these two holes, and if so what are they for?