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New DT/SW transmission 2nd gear set
« on: 11 May 2004 at 04:09 »
Limited number of newly manufactured second gear pair for the vintage o.h.v. Douglas motorcycle three-speed gearbox.  On offer are the 19-tooth mainshaft slider gear and its mating 18-tooth layshaft gear. 

The Douglas 19-tooth mainshaft gear had robust face clutches for first and top speed but used the gear teeth sliding into mesh with the 18-tooth layshaft gear to engage second.  Aptly known as ‘clash’ gear change!  Over time even in normal usage this subjected the teeth to a tremendous battering, resulting in deformed teeth, noisy operation and eventually a destructive tendency to jump out of second gear under load.  Replacement gears have not been available for a very long time.  Until now and only in very limited numbers, get your set while you can! 

•  Suitable for UG, TG, and YG prefix gearboxes.
•  As used in OB, Dirt Track, Speedway, I.o.M./TT, and certain other models.
•  Direct replacements for the original gears in form, fit, and function.  Including the slight 2-degree undercut on the face clutch dogs. 
•  Gear hobbed 9-diametral pitch stub tooth form.  Precision Wire Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) cut internal splines.  Surface finish and tolerances exceed originals.
•  Made from premium vacuum melt Timken™ steel.  Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum alloy, 8620 AISI/SAE spec.  Superior metallurgic uniformity and purity over originals.
•  Case hardened 0.035 deep with a surface hardness of RHc 58 as per original.  Core hardness of RHc 36 for excellent shock resistance.  Cryogenic tempered at -300°F to a full martensitic structure in the case for enhanced wear resistance and release of residual stress in the core. Superior metallurgic refinement over originals. 
• Shipped treated with industrial corrosion inhibitor.

$625 US, sold as a pair only. 
Packing, postage, and insurance extra.

You can download a PDF color brochure of the above with some additional pictures via the following link (may take up to 30 seconds via dial-up 56K modem.) 
Download advert PDF
You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in installed in you internet browser to view, or save the file and open it later to view and print on a computer that has Adobe Acrobat installed.  Adobe Acrobat Viewer is a freely distributed program, which can be obtained from
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