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I am looking for Douglas model EW / L-3 /H-3 flywheel extractor.

Started by yoshimasa negishi, 11 Feb 2019 at 09:24

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yoshimasa negishi


I am looking for Douglas model EW / L-3 /H-3 flywheel extractor.
It is necessary for overhaul of the engine.
Payment is made at PayPal.


The EW has a collar screwed into the centre of the flywheel, so that fully unscrewing the flywheel nut will draw the flywheel off the crankshaft taper without the use of an extractor.


yoshimasa negishi

Hello Eddie

thank you for your reply.
In 1930 model H-3 and L-3, the flywheel extractor was described in the maintenance manual.
Is it possible to remove the flywheel without the flywheel extractor?
Thank you


Hi Yoshimasa,

has your engine the bigger flywheel typ?

For this type I can give you measures + photos of an extractor ring or a seperate extractor, if you want to make by your own.


Sorry, sending my photo do not work.

yoshimasa negishi

Hello Michael

Sorry for my late reply.

I do not know the type of the flywheel.
The outside diameter is approximately 21.5 cm.

I would like to produce an extractor in Japan.
Do you know the size of the extractor?


Hi yoshimasa,

I think your engine with EN number should have the smaller flywheel.
Please have a look in the center:
may be there is an "extractor ring" (small ring srewed into the flywheel above the center fixing nut) already fitted in the flywheel.

When you have this ring, you have to unsrew the center nut, after some revolutions the center nut will touch the extractor ring and with further turns you will extract the flywheel from the cone.

If there is no ring inside the thread of the flywheel, you can also use an separte extractor.

I have both parts for my bikes.
My bikes have the bigger dia flywheel (235mm), outside thread is 38,2mm x 20G) on extractor.

I can not manage to send a photo on the forum, may be to many pixels?
If you want, you can send me a private email to send you photos.



Michael, I have had the same problem posting pictures so I now past the photo into a word doc and save the document as a PDF containing the picture.  This works well as a workaround.  Gord

Alan Cun

Hello All, I dont know how many times over the past 40 years I have removed a fly wheel from a Doug motor and have never needed a fly wheel puller. If you have a piece of wood that protrudes from the fly wheel to the timing side and attack it with a hammer on several parts of the flywheel circumference it should let go. Works for me. Some where on the site you may even see my comments and a tool for tightening the fly wheel.
regards Alan

yoshimasa negishi

Hello Michael

Sorry for my late reply.
I understood the "extractor ring" of the flywheel.
Loosen the center nut of the flywheel and check it.
If there is no "extractor ring", we will manufacture a flywheel extractor in Japan.

I am grateful for many advice.

yoshimasa negishi

Hello Alan

Sorry for my late reply.
I will refer to advice of Alan and Michael.
Check if extractor ring is attached.
In Japan, there are few people familiar with Douglas and I appreciate the advice.
Thank you