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TT Carburator question

Started by OCTypeCanada, 16 Oct 2018 at 03:23

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I am wanting to fully dismantle my TT carbs for cleaning.  Both of them have a cable that I cannot remove from its slider.  The picture shows the cable location.  How do I remove it? 

Thanks, Gord


Hi Gord,

This cable controls the air via a mini slide that lives in its own cylindrical bore in the carb body. You can see the brass slide through the slot in the wall of the air chamber. The cable attaches to the air slide using a nipple. The air slide should slide completely out of the carby body by pulling on the cable. If it doesn't come out, try your favourite penetrating oil and perhaps some gentle warming. If it's badly stuck you may be able to give it a little poke through the slot in the side of air chamber.

Go gently: these TT carbs are getting hard to find.




Thanks Leon, now I have a better idea of what I am dealing with and I take note of the care aspect.