Author Topic: 27/9 600cc SV parts for footboards  (Read 1032 times)

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27/9 600cc SV parts for footboards
« on: 29 Jul 2018 at 05:00 »
Hi making 27/9 600cc SV parts for footboards see photos.
I will be having the bracket cast in ductile iron that goes under the rear cylinder and clamp to suit.
The side bracket that the footboard mounts to is going to be Laser cut, folded and drilled only the forward hole will be onsize the rest will be piloted ready to drill and tap.
The little spacer with the serrations is being copied into CAD to make the pattern today and 3D printed ready for casting.
And the footpeg casting will be sorted soon.

I'm asking for expressions of interest so I can sort numbers the cost will come down if more are made Regards Daren
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