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Dragonfly electrics and ignition
« on: 04 Jul 2018 at 20:24 »
I've just acquired a 57 fly, a non runner 'with electrical problems'. The obvious was no harness switches etcetera, the less obvious was the lack of a stator. On the ignition side a distributer and cap but no rotor arm.
On the electrics side has anyone fitted a modern Lucas system, looking at the dimensions they could be made to fit and it would be a good upgrade.
Looking at the ignition issue I think I've looked at every post about upgrading and electronic ignition, lots of good ideas but not a lot of detail. I would like to go electronic and ideally pointless, I can machine up a new distributor body / shaft or mod the existing one. If you have fitted a Boyer, Pazon or other system can you tell me which and what you have done to adapt it? Thanks