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MK5 Electrics
« on: 17 Apr 2018 at 12:56 »
I`m hoping I am on the last of the faults with the MK5.When I switch the lights on the ammeter shows a charge !!!, but when I start the engine and increase the revs nothing is showing on the ammeter.Removing the headlight cover, I connected a resistance meter  between each terminal at a time on the ammeter and the battery+ve  and no continuity between either. So someone has been rewiring not knowing what they are doing, the ammeter has been replaced as it is not the original one.I am thinking, if I connect both ammeter leads together and fit to one side of the ammeter and then connect a lead from the +ve of the battery to the other side of the meter, this should be a working circuit.Len
I`ve just switched the lights on and even with the two wires from the ammeter disconnected, the lights work.According to the circuit, the +ve lead from the battery should be the only one connected to one side of the ammeter.I think it is going to be a case of removing the tank and getting to the voltage reg.and see what mistakes in the wiring have been made there Len
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Re: MK5 Electrics
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Checking out the wiring sounds like a good idea.  :wink: