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Just wanted to let owners of early Douglas 2 3/4hp models know, that I am now starting to offer some CNC manufactured items from our normal online catalog:

At this point in time (April 2018), I am able to offer just the small distinctive square head bolts as fitted to the original Douglas 2 3/4hp brake pedal assemblies, but over the coming months I may be offering more parts - as I progress with my own Douglas build and get more machine time on our CNC machine which is normally manufacturing Norton parts.

As background, I specialise in the manufacture of parts for SOHC (cammy) Norton models - i.e. the International Norton and early racing Norton engines (M30/early SOHC Manx), which I have been doing for the last 11 years.
We have two websites - our online transactional website:, and my original 'restoration enthusiast' website: (where there is a selection of articles on the bikes I am interested in and restore - i.e. Vincent's, Norton's and occasionally  - Douglas's!).

If you wish to view and order parts, then please visit  You will see in anticipation of making more parts in the future I have created a new section specifically for Douglas 2 3/4hp parts (although a bit sparse at the moment!):

When ordering parts, please read our general T&C's first, on the homepage, then just place order electronically.  My daughter Steph does all the mail order side and will contact you with payment/postage details when picked.

Let me know if there are any particular Douglas 2 3/4hp fasteners or parts you need, I may consider making in the future if enough interest.  For example, I am considering having a batch of the early '5 hole' two speed gearbox chain sprockets made, as I need one for my own Douglas build.
My email is 
Please don't be offended if I do not reply immediately, I run the parts business in addition to a full time job, so am often behind with a sea of email!

Best wishes
Paul Norman

Update: 12/5/18

Hi Everyone,
We now have early style square head brake pedal and brake pedal locking ring bolts available in CNC machined/milled stainless steel.  We have also machined square clevis brake rods for the early type Douglas 2 3/4hp models, as well as the same clevis type available to fit the selector arm of early 2 speed gearbox's.  See photos below.
All are now available on-line from the Douglas section of our RacingNorton website, just place order online, we email back with postage cost and payment details:

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