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T6 front wheel offset

Started by Bert, 20 Aug 2017 at 23:44

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Would anyone have a measurement for the hub to rim offset for a T or S6 Douglas (1930). Or even a photograph from the front so I can get an idea. Mine is symmetrical with the drum off to the side, which puts the wheel about 25 mm off the bikes centreline when mounted in the forks.



        I think you have answered your own question! If the rim is offset by 25mm when fitted in the bike, you need to adjust it by that amount!



I must admit I've never yet seen a front wheel which wasn't equidistant between the fork legs/tubes, but there's always a first I suppose...! :wink:


Yes Eddie, I think you're right. I was resisting thinking that someone could lace it up to be that far out. 


        I have managed to drag out some of the bits of my S6. The front wheel is built centrally on the hub. The width between the fork blades (at the wheel spindle) is 6.5". With the wheel in the forks and the spindle nipped up on the brakedrum side, there is a gap of about 7/16" between the opposite bearing adjuster and the fork blade. I guess there should be a spacer there in lieu of the optional speedo drive that was available at the time. Set up like this, my rim is dead centre in the fork blades.
   I've also taken it for granted that you still have the original taper roller wheel bearings (now like rocking horse droppings!) - if they have been changed for normal ball races, you will need to make up some spacers to compensate for the ball races having considerably narrower inner races than the taper rollers.
  Hope this helps,