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1920's pillions and invoices
« on: 31 Mar 2017 at 12:57 »
40 years ago my grandma told me a story how, coming back from a night out in Bristol with her boyfriend on a sharp bend, she had fallen off the pillion seat into a hedge. Apparently he did not notice her absence until he arrived back to drop her home....

This always seemed a little incredible to me but perhaps he had had a couple of drinks and she might have been riding side-saddle to slip off so easily - which was not unusual in the twenties.  Anyhow she was not hurt and was safely retrieved, eventually marrying him and producing my mother.

Recently I started a unsuccessful search for a photo of the motorcycle; however I did find in its original envelope the sales invoice for the bike. In April 1927 he purchased direct from Douglas a factory rebuilt 1926 EW350 for 30 - the invoice lists the frame number YE3839 and the (Gloucester) registration number.

I was especially pleased to learn this as I own a slightly earlier EW (YE1837) - I never knew my grandfather had the same bike.  Probably not an incredible coincidence as he then lived within walking distance of the Kingswood works and I am based in Bristol. I suspect the rebuild came about with the upgrading of the oiling system of the earlier bikes (which mine still has).

In case anybody is interested in this original Douglas paperwork, I am attaching a copy of the invoice and the envelope.